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How To Make A Referral

Please follow the arrows below to be directed to our referral form. Primary care providers can also make a referral directly through the Telus Practice Solutions (PSS) electronic medical records (EMR)

Don't have Telus PSS

Click the button below to direct you to a fillable PDF referral form, which can be faxed back to us at 519-578-3366.

You Do have Telus PSS 

Click the button below to direct you to Ocean Referral and search "KW4 Community Ward".

What Happens After Referral?

After a patient has been referred, we will contact them directly to introduce ourselves, ask their permission to perform a triage based on their needs, and book them for an initial assessment.
Below are high-level steps outlining what happens after a referral is made, all the way to discharge. Patients can be with the team from 1 month up to 12 months (potentially beyond one year, depending on the needs and goals of patients). 

Referral & Triage

Triage & First Interaction With Patient

Clinical Assessment


Clinical Management



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